Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Questionnaire
What is the project Water2Return?

Water2REturn (W2R) is an Innovation Action co-funded by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme. Water2REturn proposes a viable, cross-sectoral and integrated full-scale demonstration process to treat slaughterhouse wastewater that uses a novel combination of biochemical and physical technologies and has a positive energy balance.
Nitrate and phosphate concentrates recovered from slaughterhouse wastewater will be reintroduced into the economy as new raw materials, becoming a resource to be used as organic fertiliser in agriculture. Furthermore, the novelty of W2R rests on the use of an innovative fermentative process designed for sludge valorisation which will produce hydrolysed sludge and biostimulant products. Biostimulant products have low development costs and high added value for plant nutrition and agriculture.
In addition, algal biomass will also be produced by capturing CO2 released from a biogas unit. This will be used to formulate a biostimulant algal-based product. The project will produce three high-value agronomic products – nitrate and phosphate concentrates, biostimulant products, and biostimulate algal-based products - each free of pathogens, heavy metals and emerging pollutants.
As well as demonstrating the benefits associated with nutrient recycling, W2R will test different business models for each of the products that will be created, and work to improve awareness of the possibilities of wastewater valorisation for the agricultural sector.

What is the purpose of the questionnaire?

This questionnaire has been designed to build a community of stakeholders around Water2REturn and maximize their engagement in the project. The objective is to gather stakeholders’ views, with the purpose of facilitating discussion and fostering dialogue on cross-cutting challenges identified by the project. The questionnaire will provide an evidence-based assessment of the main concerns and interests of stakeholders and will be used to engage them with the Water2REturn project.

Respondents are informed that: Responses are confidential and will only be used for the Water2REturn project. Respondents and their organizations will not be quoted directly in the final report. Questionnaire respondents will be consulted later in the project cycle.

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1. Which kind of entity do you belong to? *
2. At which level does your institution/organization/association work at? *
3. What sector do you belong to? *
4. What is your target market? *
5. What is your main reason for engaging with the Water2REturn project? *
6. Do you think that you can benefit from the Water2REturn project? If yes, how? Please list up to three benefits that you envisage.
7. Fertilisers are broadly used to increase the production of food crops, but they can harm water quality and thus aquatic plants and animals and, as well as drinking water quality. What kind of raw materials are you using to make fertilisers that have less negative impacts on water pollution and soil contamination? *
8. Water2REturn will produce biostimulant products. How do you think biostimulant products can be produced more efficiently in the future? *
9. What impact do you think biostimulant products will have on the fertiliser market in the next 10 years? *
10. To what degree are recycled nutrients used in your company/industry? *
11. According to you, what measures should be applied to boost nutrient recycling: *
12. Would you like to provide any further comment(s) about the issues addressed in this questionnaire? *
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