Bully Busting 100-Introduction
Dear Parents and Students:

I have been practicing martial arts for 28 years and teaching 27 of those. Never in my years of experience have I heard so much about bullying in our schools, buses and outside the school environment. When I asked my students how many have experienced bullying, over half raised their hands and some wanted to but were embarrassed to raise their hands. I believe this is becoming a huge problem.

There seems to be a lot of strategies to combat bullies. A lot of martial arts schools give lip service to this. At Elite Martial Arts we are committed to teaching life skills to our students. Yes, we teach kicking and punching, but we realize that if we want to teach non-physical self-defense we have to equip you with the tools to do so. Bully busting is an important life skill we want to teach. After doing a lot of research, the Verbal Judo Institute seems to have put together the most comprehensive approach to bully busting. So their program will be the basis of our study.

Please understand that, just like in sparring, in a bully situation, what works for one person may not work for another. So we need to have a "tool box" of tools to choose from. Hopefully, after completing each of the Bully Busting modules your tool box will be full and you will have lots of choices in handling bully situations.

Parents, you may have to help your child understand some of the concepts discussed. In fact, you will gain knowledge that you can use in the work force or in your neighborhood--even your marriage.

As I have mentioned in class, this is not a mandatory program to complete, but I highly recommend it.

Enjoy the journey.

With respect,

Mr. Klapheke
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