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2018 Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Bridge Building Competition

Complete this form to ensure your school is on our distribution list for all notifications made regarding the upcoming event. Completion of this form does NOT commit your school to participation. This form is NOT a registration form. See our website for the event registration form (available as both a web form and printable form.) You may also communicate your intent to participate by sending an email containing this information to the address found at

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Enter the name of the teacher or school administrator who will represent all participants from the school and act as the main point of contact for the school. This is the person that the competition committee will communicate with regarding the event and any participants from your school. This person will also be responsible for choosing up to 3 participants to represent the school at our regional event.
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Enter the email address of the Sponsor. This email will be used for mass event communications, including annual invitation to the event.
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Our organization will attempt to notify your preferred local newspaper/media of the the participation of your student(s) both prior to the event and also in the event that your student(s) place in the competition.
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