Homeless in Marin Survey - Marin Housing Solutions
Your participation in this survey is crucial to Marin Housing Solutions for the identification of the need for fair and affordable housing and development of new housing solutions in Marin County. It should only take 4 to 5 minutes to complete the survey and your participation is anonymous. You will not be asked for any personal information that could reveal your identity. Thank you for assisting us.
1. Do you work in Marin?
2. Have you ever had housing in Marin?
2b. If yes, when was the last time you had permanent residence or shelter?
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3. Is this the first time you have been without shelter?
4. What contributing factors have led you to be without shelter? Select all that apply.
5. Have you applied for housing since you lost your permanent residence or shelter?
6. When you looked for housing , did you feel you were denied based on any of the following? Select all that apply.
6.a Please specify the place(s) where you were denied housing.
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7. When you looked for housing in Marin County, did you ever feel you were discriminated against?
7.a If yes, what was the reason you felt discriminated against?
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7.b What did you do about the discrimination? Select all that apply.
8. If you felt you or someone you knew were discriminated against when looking for housing, what would you do? Select all that apply.
9. Where do you sleep at night?
10. Do you utilize any of the following community services? Select all that apply.
11. Do you have any children, under the age of 18, with you?
12. If yes, how many?
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13. What is your current marital status?
14. What is your gender?
15. In what year were you born?
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16. Of which racial, ethnic or cultural group do you consider yourself a member? Check all that apply.
17. Into what category does your total household income fall?
18. Other than employment, do you receive any of the following? Select all that apply.
19. What suggestions do you have to make housing in Marin County more available?
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