Stars Writer Program Interest Form
As a Wattpad Star, you gain access to many perks to support you on your writing journey:
   - A community of fellow Stars, where you can bond over the writer experience and participate in online
   - Recognition for all your hard work both on and off the Wattpad platform
   - The chance to develop your writing skills by gaining access to resources and other tools
   - Exclusive consideration for opportunities such as Paid Stories, Wattpad Studios, and Wattpad Books
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This form will help us evaluate your eligibility to become a Star, as well as your interest in the various opportunities that are exclusively available to Stars: Paid Stories, Wattpad Books, and Wattpad Studios. You can learn more about the programs and eligibility here:

**Limited to one form per writer. Please note that this is not a formal application process. By filling out this form, you are solely expressing interest in the program and helping us build a database of writers who might be a good fit for Wattpad Stars. We apologize, but only writers who are selected for the program will be contacted.
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Give us a one-sentence description of your story that conveys the dramatic narrative and hook. Please input your logline in the structure below. Ex. “Cleopatra, a zombified ruler of Egypt, has to resist the temptation of eating Mark Antony, in order to not change the course of Egypt's future.”
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A plot summary should be approximately 500 words and written in third person. It should identify the major characters, key moments of action, and how the story ends (including spoilers).
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We want to know your aspirations on our platform! This information will help us determine opportunities for you and your story that you would be interested in, should you be selected for the Stars program.
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