Application for ACME's Enhanced Media Reporting for Transparency and Accountability (EMERTA) fellowship on public policy reporting
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Story pitch
In this section of your application, you will be required to submit a full story pitch that will be the basis of your study after the conclusion of the first half of the fellowship.

Please provide as much detail as is requested. The strength of your story pitch is essential in assessing your participation in the fellowship.

Give a catch phrase/key words or a preliminary idea for a working headline for your story. (One sentence) *
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What is new and/or surprising about this story? Why is it worth covering now as opposed to last month, last year or two years from now, and what, if anything, would your audience be surprised to learn in this story? (BE SURE TO BACK UP CLAIMS ABOUT CHANGE WITH EVIDENCE, HOWEVER PRELIMINARY IT MAY BE.) *
What is the significance of this story? Why does it matter? (THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOW THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STORY OR DEVELOPMENT YOU ARE COVERING.) *
What questions will you attempt to answer in order to deliver depth? (E.g. What are the causes of this? How does it work? What are the hidden interests behind this? Where is it coming from?) *
What type of story will you be doing? (E.g. A special investigative report, a series, a documentary, a multimedia report, talk shows, a combination of reports, etc..) *
What reporting methods do you plan to employ to deliver the story? Explain how these reporting methods will add value to your story. (E.g. Review or analysis of reports, interviews, data mining, etc.) *
What sources and resources do you plan to use to prepare this story? List a few of them, both documentary and human, you plan to draw on, showing how and/or what you will use them for. *
How long will it take you to deliver the story? *
What is your estimated budget for the story? Provide a detailed breakdown and explain why external funding is needed to deliver this story. Also supply any financial or material support you may receive from your media house to this end. *
Congratulations! You have reached the last part of your application. Please provide all supporting documents requested below to ensure your eligibility.
Work Samples: Please provide THREE samples of your best and/or most current stories on public policy. The stories should bear proof of 'authorship' and date of publication or broadcast. Samples should be submitted as web links (URLs). We recommend SoundCloud for radio samples and YouTube for video samples. Material that is not available online should be sent by email to: and or delivered to ACME offices in Bunga. (If it is offline material, please type OFFLINE in the text boxes. Ensure that you follow up with delivery or your application will be considered incomplete and discounted. *
Editorial support statement:Please confirm that you have sent a letter of support from your editor (signed and written on official headed paper) to with a copy to (Enter the word 'done' if you have.) You are requested to confirm this with your editor. Any applicants who do not provide this letter will not be eligible for this fellowship. *
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