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We are so delighted that you might be joining us in our most exciting picture book writing course yet! This one is co-taught by two acquiring editors and an acquiring agent. Do your best to answer the questions in a writerly or fun way so that we can see your potential and want to keep working with you. Our criteria is to help increase diversity and reward those who do so much in our field, so if you identify as being of color, or LBGQTI, or as having a disability, or are a member of a group who are currently underrepresented in the children's publishing industry, please apply. In addition, we are offering scholarships for low income folks who might not be able to take this course otherwise, as well as to SCBWI Regional Advisors, ARAs, and Illustrator Coordinators who may or may not identify as being of any of these communities above but who do so much unpaid work to help our field and children's librarians who we love. Finally, because I'm a homesick Aussie and because the exchange rate is so bad, we also offer scholarships to Aussies who tend to make the courses super lively. We give as many scholarships as we can afford to based on the number of paying students within the size-limited course, so please help spread the word. Meanwhile here are your easy peasy questions. Please be specific and use your language skills so that we fall in love with you.
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Our fingers are crossed for you. Sending great warmth, Mira and the Children's Book Academy gang!
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