Registration Part 3
Note: if you already made the registration payment, you are ready to fill up this form. Otherwise, please go back to make your payment in part 2.
Paper Number *
If you have an accepted paper and you are the one that pays for the publication, please put your Easychair paper number here. If you are a participant without paper, put "No paper"
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Payment method *
By which way you have paid the registration fee
Name *
The registration is paid for whom (the name of the person in registration part 1)
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Payment date *
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Paid Amount *
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Payment info *
If you pay by bank transfer, please put the reference here. If you pay by bank transfer, please put the name of your bank here.
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Payer's name
If the payer's name is not the same as the person registered, please put the sender's name here.
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Organization *
Please put the organization's name as in the part 1.
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