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It is time for the supporters of President James Ramsey to speak up and be heard! UofL is on an unprecedented upward and positive trajectory under Dr. Ramsey's 13-year tenure as its leader. What was once primarily a Jefferson County “commuter school” has now become a beautiful and well-respected residential university with attractive educational options for all students throughout the Commonwealth. A detailed summary of the publicly available University of Louisville's accomplishments under Dr. Ramsey’s leadership appear below. None of these amazing accomplishments would have been possible without the tireless dedication, focused vision, and leadership of James Ramsey. If you are a supporter of our fine president, please speak out and add your name by completing the form below. If you feel compelled to email the chairman of the UofL Board of Trustees (Larry Benz) to further express your support for President Ramsey, his contact information is larry@physicaltherapist.com.

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Partial List of University Accomplishments Under the Leadership of Dr. James Ramsey:
Smarter and More Diverse Student Body than Ever
• Average freshman ACT score was 23.2 in 2002; today it is 25.5.
• Six-year graduation rate was 33 percent in 2002; today it is 52.9 percent.
• Awarded 1,849 bachelor’s degrees in 2002; in 2015 2,832 were awarded.
• Awarded 172 Ph.D.’s in 2015, up from just 90 in 2002.
• More Fulbright Scholars over the last 10 years than all other Kentucky schools combined.
• New scholarship programs for the economically challenged, such as Cardinal Covenant.
• “Best and brightest” Kentucky students now choose UofL; Brown Scholars, McConnell Scholars, etc.
• First LGBT Center in the Southeast
• UofL’s bachelor’s degree graduates from Kentucky exceed the state average, and the number of UofL alumni with bachelor’s degrees who are employed in Kentucky within five years of graduation also exceeds the state average for all public four-year research institutions.
• Unlike any other president in UofL history, Dr. Ramsey genuinely cares about all of UofL's student athletes and makes it a point of emphasis to attend at least one competitive event each year for every men’s and women’s sports team (not just the high profile basketball and football programs). For example, Dr. Ramsey attended the swim meet when Kelsey Worrell achieved ACC & National record in the butterfly.
• Unprecedented amount of financial aid available to our students.
A Commuter Campus Transformed
• Under President Ramsey’s leadership, dynamic new facilities have turned what was once a Jefferson County commuter school into a vibrant campus community which attracts top students from all around the state.
- Nearly $2.1 billion invested to date in campus development and growth.
- Eight new dorms/affiliated housing options with many new dining options and social activities.
- One of the finest new Student Recreation Centers in the country.
- Three state-of-the art research parks – ShelbyHurst, Belknap Applied Sciences and Engineering Park, and JD Nichols Innovation Park – that function as catalysts for economic growth and job creation for our alumni and the rest of the community.
• The Ramsey Administration will continue to build for the future, and in doing so will continue to be a major driver of Louisville and Kentucky’s economy.
Research and Educational Accomplishments
• Member of the highest Carnegie Ranking category for Doctoral Granting Universities – UofL is one of only 115 universities selected for this honor out of 4,665 educational institutions in the country (that puts UofL in the top 2.5% of educational opportunities for students in KY).
• Doctoral degrees awarded are up 126% since 1998
• Research expenditures have increased 359% despite the loss of federal “earmarks,” federal stimulus funding and more competitive NIH/NSF research funding.
• Start-up companies coming from university commercialization have grown from 1 to 85 since 1998.
• Annual philanthropic support has increased 177% since 1998.
• New and expanding PhD and graduate programs for our students.
• Lead the “green” initiative at UofL.
• Pioneered new program and initiatives for under-represented student populations, including the Westend Program and LBGT community.
• Recent membership into the prestigious Atlantic Coast Conference.
Effectively Managing a Large and Complex Organization
• The University of Louisville has over six-thousand employees and a budget of more than $1 billion annually. In any large operation, mistakes will be made, employees will use poor judgment, and bad actors will do what they do. The Ramsey Administration has prosecuted criminals and recovered over 99.99% of money stolen.
• Since 2008 there have been six instances in which bad actors targeted the university for theft. The university’s total exposure was $2.72 million. Of that, $2.15 million was recovered by insurance and nearly $541,000 in restitution.
• The university’s net unrecovered loss in the six cases was $29,694.16, or 0.000275% of the total $10.8 billion budget the Ramsey Administration has managed in that time.
UofL’s Foundation Provides Protection Against a Volatile State Budget & National EconomyUntitled Title
• The university is on solid financial ground despite two record recessions and a state budget under severe strain. The Ramsey Administration has placed UofL under a dome of financial protection, preserving academic progress through 14 budget cuts since 2002.
• In ‘02, the taxpayers were the largest source of revenue. Today, they are the fifth largest.
• The Foundation provided $154 million to the University’s students and faculty to hedge declining state resources.
• Dr. Ramsey foresaw future budget pressures and put the Foundation and University on a course to protect UofL from the ebbs and flows of the state economy. (louisvillefoundation.org)
Maintaining Transparency & Following the Rules
• While there are rules governing what can be said about the ongoing NCAA investigation, the Ramsey Administration has taken steps to find the truth. The university is fully complying with the NCAA, and Dr. Ramsey is personally leading the internal investigatory committee. Based upon available information to date, it was reasonable to conclude infractions likely occurred and a post-season ban was the best course of action to mitigate our penalties – February 5, 2016.
• The Ramsey Administration had made all UofL Board of Trustee and UofL Foundation meetings open to the public, and videos of all meetings are posted online at louisvillefoundation.org/board. Minutes from all board meetings are posted online, as are financial statements and annual reports for the UofL Foundation.
• The Ramsey Administration is the most open, forthright, and transparent in UofL history. It has turned thousands of pages of information over to the State Auditor’s office and welcomes any review of the foundation’s governance structure.
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