Event Initiative
Dear Prospective Presenter,

Thank you for your interest in presenting an event at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living. We are honored, and want to give your proposal full consideration. To that end, we ask that you take a moment to complete the “Proposal to Offer and Event” form below and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Your completed form will be reviewed at our monthly Events Committee meeting and a response letter will be sent to you within one week of the meeting. If your event is selected, we will send you a request for specific logistical information for your event.
Although completing the “Proposal to Offer and Event” form is not a guarantee of acceptance, we do look forward to giving your proposal further review. For your consideration, please keep in mind that:
• New Vision Center for Spiritual Living requires at least 90 days to process an event before an approved event may be promoted.
• For inclusion in the annual schedule, non-certificated class proposals must be submitted by June 1st of each year.
• The standard fee split for sponsored events promoted at the center is 50% to the presenter and 50% to NVC.
• Materials and payment for support items and/or personnel, if any, are the responsibility of the presenter.
• Payments to presenters are made approximately 30 business days after the completion of the event. If your event is a workshop or class that is multiple weeks in duration, payment will be made approximately 30 business days after the final class/day.

Many thanks,

Rev. Penny Macek
Spiritual Director
New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

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Please also submit the following to info@newvisionaz.org:
1. Detailed outline of your proposed event
2. Names and contact info for three references familiar with your work.
3. Previous publicity flyer for this event (if available).
4. Evaluations/comments from previous participants (if available).
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