Independence Local Schools Strategic Plan Community Survey 2017
Independence Local Schools will begin the process of creating a new strategic plan that will set goals for the district for the next several years. In preparation for setting goals, the Board of Education is asking our residents to take part in a brief survey.

Results reflecting your views will help guide the strategic planning process by focusing on issues that are of greatest concern and interest to you, the residents of Independence.

Please complete by Friday, May 26, 2017.

Thank you for taking part in planning the future of Independence Local Schools.

Which of the following categories best describe your role or roles in relation to Independence Local Schools? Please check all that apply.
When you think of Independence Local Schools, what first comes to mind? Why do you feel that way?
Your answer
Our students are gaining skills to make reasoned decisions in local and global communities.
Our community members have opportunities to contribute time, talents and funding to enrich our students' education.
Our district prepares students to be successful in high school.
Our district prepares students to be successful after high school in college and/or the workforce.
Our residents have pride in our district.
Our district offers athletics and other activities for our students to explore their talents outside of the classroom.
Please list any ideas you may have to enrich the experiences we offer to our students outside of the classroom.
Your answer
What are strengths of our district?
Your answer
What are areas of improvement needed in our district?
Your answer
In the next five years, what do you see as a top priority for our district?
Your answer
What about our buildings and grounds gives you most pride?
Your answer
What are the most pressing areas you think need to be addressed with our buildings and grounds?
Your answer
How do you receive information about Independence Local Schools?
What are the most important skills and abilities that students will need in order to be prepared for a successful future? Please check your top five priorities.
What should our district's financial priorities be for its schools? Please check your top five priorities.
You are satisfied with Independence Local Schools.
The district maintains and develops a curriculum that provides support, options and high expectations.
Technology is appropriately supplied, utilized and evidenced in all aspects of instruction and curricular offerings.
Students come to school and feel emotionally safe and are treated with dignity and respect.
Students have opportunities in independent studies, mentorships, and extended shadowing.
The district maintains an active alumni association.
Please help us understand any points you disagree with...
Your answer
If you would like to personally discuss any survey points, please provide contact information.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey. Your feedback and suggestions will be carefully considered. Go Blue Devils! Sincerely, Superintendent Ben Hegedish and the Board of Education
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