Presentation Review
This is where you will review the presentations in class. The results will be compiled and sent to the speaker. Also, your participation will be recored and the quality of your response will count toward your participation grade.
Clear selection
Easy to understand and explained things clearly.
Totally Confusing
Crystal Clear
Clear selection
Professional yet personable
Amateur - no where close to professional
Total pro - Someone I want to work with
Clear selection
How comfortable were they in front of the room?
Clearly uncomfortable
Seasoned veteran
Clear selection
What were the things they did well?
Examples include: authentic, took control of the room, made us laugh/smile, made me feel like they were talking to me, great attention getter, great closing, helpful picture/drawing, didn't panic when things went wrong, made sure we all understood, answered questions and checked for agreement, etc.
What one thing should they focus on improving?
Examples include: err's and umm's, reading too much, no attention getter or closer, stuck behind podium, lost control of the room, didn't lead, acted differently than normal, didn't do what they said they were going to, didn't look at anyone/everyone or check for comprehension, swaying or wandering, a distracting habit like folding their arms or playing with their keys, etc.
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