How to apply for the role at Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE - formerly Ministry of Education)
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Name of College or university you obtained your Bachelor's degree *
What country was this University in *
What teaching qualification do you have e.g. PGCE
When did you complete your teaching qualification - date and year
At which University did you obtain your teaching qualificaiton
Which country is this University based
If you have a Master's degree - what is the title
What date did you complete the Master's (please give date and year)
What was the result or GPA of the Master's
What University did you do your Master's degree at
Which country is this University in
What other higher qualifications do you have e.g. other Bachelor's or Master's  degree or PhD - please state degree title, what date you completed it, the GPA or result, the University Name and Country
How many years of teaching work experience do you have *
Are you a native English speaker *
If non-native speaker - have you done an IELTS Test
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What was your overall IELTS score
Was this IELTS score for Academic or General
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What is the name of your current or latest employer for your most recent teaching role *
What was the start date - month and year *
What was the end date?  If still working there put "current" *
What were the grade of classes taught *
What curriculum did you teach *
What were the exam results of your students, if applicable
What was the name of your previous employer
What was the start date of your previous employment - month and year
What was the end date of previous employment - month and year
What grades of class did you teach in your previous employment
What curriculum did you teach
What were the exam results
Please list the names of any other previous employers, start and end dates, grades taught, curriculum and exam results
Have you ever been dismissed from any previous employment due to misconduct or resigned as part of any investigation into your conduct either inside or outside of your employment? *
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