Willow Cuttings 2023
Good Note Community Farm  Willow Varieties
Rae’s Tall – These are the first Willows I received from my mentor, Rae Hunter. She had them growing in her wild and wonderful garden as you descend the curvy staircase. They are tall and green. They grow taller than 8 feet when grown alone, ideal for living willow fences and garden trellises and when grown in tight rows, they grow thin and long for basket weaving.
Rae’s mix – These were a mix I received from Rae and only a few of them did well in our frost hollow.  So, I propagated the vigorous ones and they do beautifully now. These are a light brown and have dark red bud scales. They aren’t a true mix anymore as only a few survived and they are all the same. Perhaps I need to rename these? Or somehow identify them!
Oregon Americana – I received these as a gift from Frances in Ontario as she was trimming hers. She gave me enough to finish an entire path in our labyrinth. They have been there for five years so far and some can get quite branchy, so I use those for trellis and the unbranched ones are lovely and flexible for basketry.
Rae’s Yellow – These are the biggest ones I have. They start a bright yellow and fade through orange to red on the tips. Half of each bush is very branchy, to the point that I can usually use those branches in my baskets. Rae thinks these are “Golden Willow”; also available in Shelterbelt programs. Hers became a huge multi trunked tree.
Streamco – these are my most recent available. They are a nice pale green, when grown here at Good Note.  Very fine and lovely for basketry.
Frances' Red - These follow the naming tradition as well…. If you lose track, name them after the person you got them from.  These are now continent-wide, known as Frances’ Red.  (she’s in Ontario). They are a beautiful deep rusty red. Tall and thin for baskets as well. Many in this row perished from too wet this summer, so limited numbers available.
Hutchinson’s Yellow - I had only one in the row succeed and it is now so vigorous that I am glad there weren’t more of them. I feel like it is just like Rae’s yellow, in that it grows large, and branchy enough that the branches are useful in the first year. There are a limited number of these cuttings available.
Last year, 2022,  was extremely dry, then wet then dry again!! The Half of the willow labyrinth that died in 2020 was replanted in 2021 and 22  and is doing well … still too much snow to tell for sure.  The other Sally gardens are now well mulched and I hope the plnating we accomplished in 2022 did well over winter.  Many others are in the planning stages.

Cost $2 per cutting plus Shipping and Handling of $20 if within Alberta and $25 to the rest of  Canada.
Please etransfer payment to goodnotecommunityfarm@gmail.com with note stating "for willow cuttings" .
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Cuttings come in 13"lengths, wrapped in zero waste, recycled materials. Following is a list of available varieties. Please fill in zero or the number you require in each case.
Rae's Tall
Rae's Mix
Rae's Yellow (Golden)
Frances' Red
Oregon Americana
Hutchinson's Yellow
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