Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision invites local companies that are interested in reducing diesel emissions to participate in a proposal for funding to replace or retrofit old equipment or engines, adding pollution control technologies to vehicles, or switching to an alternative to diesel (such as LPG, CNG, or Electric). SDEV primarily partners with businesses that are located in and/or serve Southwest Detroit, the City of Dearborn, or the downriver communities.

On road, non-road (construction), marine, and equipment operating at the Port of Detroit are encouraged to join in with us on a proposal for funding to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program. SDEV has been a successful applicant to this funding program for over ten years.

We are distributing this survey because we would like to know more about your fleet as we work to incorporate fleets into our proposals. Please complete the survey. Reach SDEV's Clean Diesel Program Manager at 313-842-1961 or maggie.sdev@gmail.com.

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Grant funding provides an opportunity for you to help improve air quality, and it's a great financial incentive for investing in newer, cleaner technology. Thank you for providing us with this helpful information about your fleet.
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