June KU Challenge & Giveaway 6/1-6/30
Dates: June 1-30

Who: Authors with books in KU.

Cost: $10

Purpose: Get more eyes on your KU books and grow your social media!

The Plan:

Harness the power of group promotions. Thanks to a change in the Amazon TOS, we can no longer encourage reading. At all. Grr.

So now, we can promise eyes on your book and we can assure you we'll grow your social media, since this is how the readers enter the giveaway.

**Please note: Since this is a KU promotion, as long as your book is in KU, you can participate. PRICE DOESN'T MATTER! Now, we can still only share in our newsletter if it's $2.99 or less.

Sign up to participate, pick the ONE book you'd like to have promoted by everyone involved. The cost of this promotion is $10. Sign up closes on Friday, 5/26. Please remit payment by Monday, 5/29 at 12pm EST. All promotional materials and instructions will be sent that afternoon.

We'll create the promotion with links to participating books, along with the giveaway.

During the promotion, participating authors may post teasers in the Facebook group, schedule a takeover, invite readers to join street teams, and grow social media. If you offer any books for FREE during the month, you may post the links and share in the reader group. Everything about this group should involve FREE books for readers.

On July 1st, we'll select the winners, and make sure the prizes are sent. We'll keep it simple: Kindles and Amazon Gift Cards.

Contact us with questions: support@lovekissedbooks.com

June KU Challenge & Giveaway
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