Private Consultation with Joane Naboka Invitation Form 個人咨商邀請函

個人咨商會以Whatsapp Video Call 或 Google Meet進行。

HKD$1880 /小時

備註: 首次個人咨商通常需要2 - 3小時。(視乎個別情況而定)

In our conversation, you will be facilitated to clarify your thoughts, empty out your emotions, and ignite insights. You will be helped to cut your stories and connect to your inner wisdom that guide you to freedom. The issues under discussion can be about relationships, emotions, career, prenatal and postnatal adjustment, physical challenges, life purpose, or meaning in life.

Private session will be conducted via Whatsapp Video Call or Google Meet.

Session Fee: HKD$1880 /hr

Remark: The first private consultation usually takes 2 -3 hours. (Depending on situation of each case)

Name 姓名 *
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Please describe your physical and psychological health condition 請簡述你的生理及心理健康狀況 *
Are you on any medication? (if yes, please specify) 你是否需要服食藥物?(如要,請註明) *
What drives you to have a private session? 是甚麼驅使你發出個人咨商邀請? *
Please select the timeslot(s) that you are available for the private consultation. 請選出你可以進行個人咨商的時段。(可複選) *
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Terms and Conditions 條款及細則
1. Private Consultation with Joane Naboka does not intended to replace the healing or health programme that you are taking. The intention of the meeting is to enhance and support your healing process and/or personal growth.

2. In the process of the Private Consultation, you may get in touch with your emotions. Whilst support will be provided through the service, Joane Naboka cannot be held responsible for either your personal process work or any of its results.

3. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

4. The information you provide during the consultation process is confidential. However, confidentiality will not be observed if any illegal activities/acts, and/or any plans to harm others or self-harm are revealed in the consultation process. You understand and agree that the practitioner can report the illegal activities/acts, and/or plans to harm others or self-harm to the police and/or
other related government departments.

5. In case your invitation is accepted, you will receive an email notification about the meeting arrangement and payment details.
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