Life Empowering Private Consultation with Joane Naboka Invitation Form 。Life Empowering 個人咨商邀請函
Life Empowering個人咨商主理比較短期及暫時性的議題,主要運用自我探究的方式,協助邀請者梳理思緒、疏導情緒,引發洞見,覺察一直阻礙自己的信念繼而將之轉化。最重要的,是get real去聆聽自己內心真正渴求,做回真實的自己。

Life Empowering 個人咨商會以Whatsapp Video Call 或 Google Meet進行。

HKD$1500 / 45分鐘

Life Empowering Private Consultation meant to cater short-term or temporary issues. Through the self inquiry process, you will be facilitated to clarify your thoughts, empty out your emotions, and ignite insights from within. You will be guided to realize your belief that is no long serving you and transform it. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to get real and listen to your heart's true desire, and start living as your authentic self.

Private session will be conducted via Whatsapp Video Call or Google Meet.

Session Fee: HKD$1500 / 45 Min
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Terms and Conditions 條款及細則
1. Life Empowering Private Consultation with Joane Naboka does not intended to replace the healing or health programme that you are taking. The intention of the meeting is to enhance and support your healing process and/or personal growth. Life Empowering 個人咨商均不是要取代你現正進行的健康療程。Life Empowering 個人咨商的用意是提昇及支援你的治療過程和個人成長。

2. In the process of Life Empowering Consultation, you may get in touch with your emotions. Whilst support will be provided through the service, Joane Naboka cannot be held responsible for either your personal process work or any of its results. 當進行Life Empowering 個人咨商期間,你可能會接觸強烈的情緒或發現儲於身體內的細胞記憶。Joane Naboka會在服務進行時盡力提供協助,不過Joane Naboka沒有責任去保證你的咨商過程及結果。

3. Your participation is entirely voluntary. 你的參與全屬自願。

4. The information you provide during the consultation process is confidential. However, confidentiality will not be observed if any illegal activities/acts, and/or any plans to harm others or self-harm are revealed in the consultation process. You understand and agree that the practitioner can report the illegal activities/acts, and/or plans to harm others or self-harm to the police and/or
other related government departments. 於咨詢期間你所提供的資料均絕對保密。不過倘若於咨詢期間透露了任何違法活動/行為資料,保密條款將會無效。你亦明白並同意Joane Naboka可以向警方或有關部門舉報你於咨詢期間提供任何有關違法活動/行為的資料。

5. In case your invitation is accepted, you will receive an email notification about the meeting arrangement and payment details. 假如你的邀請被接納,你將會收到電郵通知有關咨商及付款安排。
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