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Dear AVL member,

Are you ready for this year's edition of the study tour?

The study tour is organised by the AVL study tour committee and exclusively meant for AVL members (if you're not an official member yet, sign up - it's free). During the tour we will be staying in Lisbon and Casablanca and visiting companies, universities, touristic places, the best bars and plenty of places to relax! We will take care of the programme. All you have to worry about is showing up!

The trip dates are yet to be announced but they will be between 8th to 21st July for a period of 11 days.

Deadline to sign up: 11-3-18

AVL Study Tour Committee 2018
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Study cases
In order to finance the study tour, we form partnerships with companies. The biggest and most interesting source of income comes from study cases. During a study case, two students will spend some time working for a company (usually around 20-25 hours per person). It differs per company and it consists of a combination of working at home and going to the company.

Cases are interesting for the company, since they enhance the relationship with AvL. For you, it is a great way to become acquainted with relevant companies in the field. It is a great learning experience. This way, you're indirectly responsible for making the study tour possible as well!

Without the study cases the study tour would be non-existent. If you have the skills, we may contact you, but it is always voluntary.

Are you interested in doing a case?
CV and short Motivation
It is required to upload your up-to-date CV. Don't worry, companies just want to take a look to see whether they see someone interesting. See it as free advertising for yourself. Be sure to include everything relevant like affinities (finance, consulting, clinical work, e.g.), minors, extracurricular activities, proficiency in MATLAB, Python, etc.

Please upload your CV using this link:
Please upload your CV in PDF as CV_[full name].pdf

Your CV will only be shared with partnering companies that make this study tour possible. Without your CV uploaded, your application will not count!

Write a short motivation here. Why should we choose you to go with us? *
Final notes and agreements
- During the tour you will be solely responsible for your own well being.
- You agree with your CV being shared with partnering companies.
- The people who are selected will be notified via mail on 13-03-18.
- Once you are selected, you agree to the payment of 550 EUR, with the first part of payment (300 EUR) due on 14-03-18.
- After the selection, it is not possible to cancel your application.
- Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the departure date.

By submitting this form, you officially sign up for the Study Tour 2018 and agree with the general terms.

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