Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition – Working Group Interest Form
In the June 7, 2016 general meeting, the FCAC proposed a structure with working groups based on issue areas as the primary way to get involved. To give energy to our coalition going forward, please fill out this form with your main interests. These working groups will accommodate a variety of levels of commitment– so no worries if you can't commit a lot of time!

These working groups will work independently while being accountable to the broader group through liaisons to a "steering committee" that will ensure that the decisions and strategy of the coalition represent all working groups and constituents.

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Select 1-2 working groups that you would most like to join.
Please try to select only up to two – if it is hard to choose, please think carefully and prioritize the issues to which you are willing to give the most energy.
Thanks for selecting your preferred working groups.
You will be contacted soon & connected with others interested in the working group along with instructions on how to move forward with forming working group goals and strategy.

If you are passionate about an issue area in line with FCAC's mission not already suggested and know of at least two other coalition members who would join, contact Tristan Glowa at tkglowa@gmail.com to learn about working group formation.

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