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About Us

The American Muslim Community Foundation was established in 2016 to streamline Muslim philanthropy across the United States by creating Donor Advised Funds, distributing grants, and building an endowment.

Leading sacred, sustainable, & strategic advancement of Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations.

To evolve donor giving, diversify funding pathways, & cultivate a healthy Muslim philanthropic ecosystem.

Presentation (find out the reason why AMCF is needed and our strategic funding areas)

Recipient and eligible organizations must be 501c3 nonprofit organizations registered in the United States or have a fiscal sponsor which is. Fill out this form once to establish an understanding and agreement of stewardship.

Please be sure to follow up in an email to with your organizations name in the subject line and attach your IRS determination letter, any 990 documents, logo and/or annual reports from the last 3 years.

Information will be reviewed in a timely manner and disbursements to organizations will be made accordingly. In our early phase of soft-launch, please allow up to 30 days. Feel free to inquire at
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