Parental Questionnaire Year 8
We welcome the views and opinions of all stakeholders in Newry High School and would very much appreciate it if you could complete the following questionnaire. Your responses can be given anonymously if you so prefer.
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Question 1 - General *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
My child is happy in school
My child has settled well into Year 8
My child feels safe and secure in school
The school encourages the pupils to behave well
The school deals with bullying effectively
There is a good range of extra curricular activities
I find the school welcoming and friendly
I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or a problem
The school is well thought of in the community
The school is led and managed effectively
I know who to speak to if I have an issue, concern or problem I wish to discuss
My child’s achievements are celebrated and valued
Question 2 - Learning & Teaching *
Stronly Agree
Strongly Disagree
My child generally enjoys most subjects
My child has a positive attitude towards his / her studies
The work undertaken in class is stimulating and interesting
The work my child is asked to do is matched to his/her ability
The work stretches and challenges my child
My child is given appropriate support in class when required
My child is given the appropriate support for special / additional needs
My child gets an appropriate amount of homework
The homework set is relevant to what is being taught in lesson
My child’s homework is marked and feedback is given
The teaching is good at this school
I believe my child is reaching his/her full potential
The introduction of mixed ability classes has been a positive experience for my child
Question 3 - For any responses that you have ticked disagree or strongly disagree or for any areas of concern can you please provide some details and an explanation
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