Plugin UX/UI Guidelines Survey
We want to make sure these guidelines are covering your needs when designing a plugin. We would like to learn about your experience so far and if these new UX/UI guidelines are helpful to your process.

This should take less than five minutes to complete.

First, please tell us a little bit about who you are an your experience developing plugins:
What is you role? *
How many plugins have you built for any tool?
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How many XD plugins have you built?
What other tools have you built plugins for (please include both Adobe and non-Adobe tools).
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Who did you work with when building plugins?
What was the biggest challenge you faced when designing plugins for Adobe XD?
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Now we'd like to ask some questions to help us learn whether we're giving you the right information to support designing plugins.
In this section, we'll ask questions about the content and readability of our materials.
Please indicate your agreement with the following statement: The current UI/UX documentation for XD plugins answered my questions: *
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What (if any) questions did you have when designing the interface of the plugin that were not addressed in the guidelines and documentation?
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Do you have any additional feedback for us? *
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Suggestions for improvement
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