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Idea - Collectively buy plots of lands of about 1 to 3 acres in a 'string' from Holland to South Africa (Malawi). Allocate about 25.000 euro's per plot / project. Each project has a maximum of 40 'funders', donating 50 euro's a year at minimum. When a project has collected over 2500 euro's a project-specific 'Holding Foundation' will be founded (costs for this are about 500 euro's normally), and the aggregated sum will be donated to this new foundation. Together this all can form a grid or web...

These 40 funders form the 'land-specific' family / guardians or stewarts of this piece of land. These people decide in council model how the lands are further utilized, the base model is that people can stay there at least one month (moon period) a year, in a 'light traveling' manner, preferably by tent. Intentionally the lands produce enough food to feed these 'temporary' owners. This might require 'adaptive' feeding: tune your self to what the lands might already provide for regarding plants, or what grows easily at that place. This relates to a 'wild' form of pemaculture and food forests. Treatment of the lands is primary done by hand ('agromain' - agroculture by mains (=hands in French), this also is a reason why we be quite some time at te lands before moving on... it takes time to work in the fields / forest). This comes from a Belief System in which it is felt that it important to connect again with our hands / feet with nature, and that what we eat.

Iwanjka acts as 'book keeper' for the project, and will report a yearly state on funds (co-financial administrators welcome). He will not take or ask money for this work. He has the same status as other funders, and can participate by being a funder. The aim is to organize 12 plots of lands in a period of 30 years (ideally within about 10 years a plot can be obtained: 40 multiplied by 50 makes 2000 euro's a year, that makes 20.000 euro's in 10 years). This projectflow explicitly does NOT want lands with 'building permits' on it. For lands with a building permit other vehicles are available or organizing groups/projects, like OLA (Organic Living Foundation), see www.flowtowns.nl

If there are 12 plots, funders can live a full year at the lands... in theory. For free.

Notes: This idea is a 'crossover' between the following concepts: Flowtowns - Anastasia family domains - Seasonal Trekking - Semi nomadic Living - Zeitgeist Movement (releasing the nowadays money system) - Rainbow gatherings (month periods / instant community, but in this case we focus on economic balance by contributing to the world as well) - Ubunu Villages (contributism) - (SOS) children villages (we are open to receive non biological children / camps and care for them)

Process: After subscription you'll get an email with payment instructions. Don't worry, you can always stop making donations / contributions. The payments are gifts: they will not be refunded, unless the involved funders decide not to proceed (again: tuning up via council), no promises... The bank account belonging to Iwanjka (personally) will be used as a first point of collection. Funders can request a full bank account transactions report any time by him (it might be a good idea to appoint a 'treasure-focaliser' per project, being one of the funders.

And thus we contribute to creating new Flowlands and Noma(n)dslands... in a sustainable way.

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Please choose your 'preferred' area. Like te 'landing spots' of trekking birds... (also inspired by the word 'Transhumance' - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transhumance). You can also add a new area if you wish, the more people you can find which can form a socio-cohesion with you at that place and time, the better...)
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50 euro's for adults is the minimum, 25 euro's for children (the idea is that via this manner we provide partly for un-possessed and interest / rent free homes and lands for our children and offspring). And thus making it more easy for them to do sense full work, living (partly) there. People can maximally donate 10% of the project sum (to keep social balances 'clean').
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