EKLIPSE questionnaire for individuals from Science, Policy and Society
EKLIPSE is an EU project which aims to create a light, transparent, and self-sustainable mechanism to support evidence-based policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU, through Science-Policy-Society interface.

To achieve this more effectively, we would like to build on your experiences and interpretations of Science-Policy-Society interface regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU and internationally, as well as your opinion on how can we strengthen this interface and make it more effective. As a first step we carried out a survey and interviews last year (results are available in EKLIPSE Deliverable 5.2.) This questionnaire is a follow up of our previous research to better understand some issues touched upon in the first round.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous. Filling it will require approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The collected information will be used exclusively for the purposes of the project EKLIPSE and all the data will be securely stored, following protocols which comply with the new GDPR legislation of the EU. EKLIPSE will use the results of the questionnaires in scientific research and in developing science-policy-society communication.

We encourage you to sign-up to EKLIPSE KNOCK forum, so that you can receive EKLIPSE news, as Calls for Experts, funding opportunities and invitations to relevant capacity building events.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration!

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