Fearless Child Care
Having kids shouldn't stop you from being a fearless citizen, to the contrary! That's why we will offer child care during the Fearless Cities Event so that you can attend the different talks and workshops with peace of mind.

This is a volunteer based organization and it's free donation (prix libre). If you can please consider donating to the Fearless Child Care fund: https://opencollective.com/fearlesscitiesbrussels/donate
If we have the budget, we will be able to organize some cool activities for our kids! :-)

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When do you need child care?
Fearless cities is possible thanks to volunteers. If you can, it would be awesome if you could help us take care of kids for one or two hours.
When can you volunteer to take care of kids?
Tell us about allergies, special needs, or if you are volunteering if there is any special activity that you could offer to do with kids.
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Free donation
This is a free service but we welcome donations on https://opencollective.com/fearlesscitiesbrussels/donate - thank you for your support! 🙏 You are awesome! 🙌
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