Burn Notice
Please complete this form to notify the members of the Morocco Volunteer Fire Department that you will be doing a controlled burn on your property.

Please provide accurate contact information so that we may contact you if needed.

When you submit this form an officer from the fire department may contact you, if current conditions make burning unsafe or in the event a local burn ban is in effect.

We ask for your cooperation and participation with this as open burning in unfavorable conditions is dangerous and can result in rapid fire spread and damage surrounding property, homes, buildings, etc.

All burning must be completed in accordance to local ordinances and state laws.

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How long do you anticipate burning? *
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Location of the burn? (Address) *
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What are you planning on burning *
How many acres (if applicable) do you plan to burn?
Do you have the resources needed to protect exposures / property lines / etc. (Such as tractors, disks, water supply, hand tools, etc.) *
Have you contacted the non-emergency number to the sheriffs department to advise of the burn? *
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