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No cancellation once the work is started - No refunds once the work is started or finished - 1-3 changes will be able to be made, if asked, throughout the artwork process, but no changes once the work is done. Payments will be processed via PayPal invoices. Once we figure out your commission and get ready to start, I'll be sending an invoice to your PayPal email. All payments will be taken upfront before I work on the commission. I will not start my work on the commission until payment has been paid in full, although very few exceptions can happen. Commission may take up to a month depending on complexity. Commission pieces will always be signed. Do not resell or claim as your own. Commissions are for personal use only, please contact me personally for commercial use intended commissions.
Base price starts at USD 65. The price range is usually from $65 (which would be a single portrait sketch/lineart w/o background) to 150 and up. Final price will greatly depend on what type of commission, style, and level of details you want. I don't give set prices before talking with the commissioner, because I like to talk to you about all the possibilities we can explore for your request, and get it as accurate to what you have in mind as possible. I want to be able to get the best out of your idea to make the perfect artwork for you. Once you submit the form, I will contact you to let you know an estimate price and we can talk about it from there.
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if no link, please send them to me by email at jfm.milikool@gmail.com (characters photos references, background photos, colour palettes, anything you want to be in your commission and that you have a photo or a drawing of goes here. Please be as detailled as possible. You can also leave it up to me.)
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Any question you wanna ask before submitting a form? email me at jfm.milikool@gmail.com !
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