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Thanks for your interest in partnering up with Escape Factor!  We enjoy giving back to the community, and we'd be happy to donate a voucher good for $50 towards an Escape Factor experience. The voucher will expire 3 months after your event, and is only valid for group sizes of 4 or more.  We ask that you please outline these restrictions in your description; failure to communicate these conditions to your recipient may result in the rejection of future requests from your organization.

In exchange for this, we ask that your organization publicly tweet and/or post on Facebook/Instagram/etc. about our company, as well as mention us at least once during your event. We will also supply you with some flyers to hand out to your guests during the event, which you could also place on the prize table near our donation.

If this works for you, please fill out the form below and let us know when you can drop by, at which time we can give you a tour of our facility along with the voucher and flyers.

WE ARE NOW OFFERING AN OPPORTUNITY to raise even more money for your organization!  We can run a special ESCAPE FACTOR "FUNDRAISING WEEK" for your organization.  During the week leading up to your event, we can donate a portion of all reservation revenues received using your individualized "Fundraising Code".  If interested, please indicating your interest on the form below and we will follow up with additional information, including a unique Fundraising Code for your organization.

Escape Factor

NOTE: Due to the quantity of donations requests we receive, we will be unable to fill out any "donation forms"
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I understand that we should use the provided image(s) and description for display, that the donated voucher will expire in 3 months and that the voucher is only valid for group sizes of 4 or more.  We promise to ensure that the recipient will be made aware of these conditions, and that failure to do so may result in rejection of future requests from our organization.  (Please note that these will be checked in the following question) *
For quality control purposes, WE PROMISE to forward either a screenshot of the online auction item or a photo of the item on display to .  Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection of future donation requests, and may result in the retroactive cancellation of this year's voucher. *
I am also interested in the new Fundraising Week option.  Please contact me with additional info regarding this option. *
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