Fantasy Sport Questionnaire

You are being asked to take part in a research study that deals with your participation in fantasy sport leagues. Dr. Andrew Billings, University of Alabama, and Dr. Brody Ruihley, University of Cincinnati, are in charge of this research study.

You will be asked a series of questions about your participation in fantasy sport leagues in effort to understand what motivates your participation in this activity. It is important to better understand fantasy sports with millions of people participate each year. This study will assist sport communication researchers better understand who is participating in fantasy sport and why they do so.

This study will feature approximately 2,000 participants. If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your involvement with fantasy sport. The questionnaire will take about 20 minutes to complete.

In order to take part in this research study, all participants must have some experience in playing fantasy sport. If you have never played a fantasy sport, you will not be needed in this study. Also, you must be 19 and older to participate in this study.

If you choose to participate, the only cost to you will be the time that it takes to complete the questionnaire. There is little to no harm or risk associated with this research. Although you will not benefit personally from being in the study, you may feel good about knowing that you helped expand existing knowledge about fantasy sport leagues.

It is important to remember that your answers will remain confidential in this study. Your name will not be associated with your questionnaire at any time. Since this questionnaire is found online, your participation will be kept private, and you are able to complete it from a computer of your choosing. It is your choice whether or not to participate in this study. You can choose not to participate at all. If you do choose to participate, you can end your participation at any time. Failure to complete this study will have no effect on your relationship with the University of Alabama. If you are completing this research study for extra credit in a course, please know that you are not required to participate. If you wish to complete an alternate activity for extra credit, please contact your professor.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact Dr. Andrew Billings at or Dr. Brody Ruihley at

If you have questions about your rights as a person in a research study, call Ms. Tanta Myles, the Research Compliance Officer of the University, at 205-348-8461 or toll-free at 1-877-820-3066. You may also ask questions, make suggestions, or file complaints and concerns through the IRB Outreach website at or email us at

After you participate, you are encouraged to complete the survey for research participants that is online at the outreach website, or you may ask the investigator for a copy of it and mail it to the University Office for Research Compliance, Box 870104, 152 Rose Administration Building, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0104.

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