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Juniors and Seniors:

*Please read carefully*
The following colleges will give info sessions at CHS this year. During these visits, a representative from admissions will give information about applications, financial aid, students activities, and more. You will also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Please choose up to 4 visits you would like to attend. If you choose more than your limit, I will choose which visits you attend. You must have a C or better in the class you will be missing. You must sign up at least one full day in advance of a visit in order to receive a pass.

A few rules:
1) If you are using your phone for anything other than taking notes of deadlines, you will be asked to leave.
2) Your teachers have the final say on whether or not you will be allowed to attend. I will send a pass for you, but this does not guarantee your right to attend. You are also responsible for any missed work. If I hear that you have not been obeying this policy or that you are argumentative with a teacher, you will not be invited back to further rep visits.
3) Keep questions respectful and always pay attention to the speaker.
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I understand that my teacher has the final say on whether or not I attend. I am responsible for any work missed during the rep visit. I understand that I may not be invited to further rep visits if I do not obey this policy. *
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