Mehelle Feedback
Please let us know what you think about the Mehelle project and how we can improve.
Were you able to discover any of the unlockables?
Did you feel lost? Why?
What would make Mehelle a more engaging experience?
Was it clear how the unlockables worked?
Where are you from?
What did you learn about Sovetski from Mehelle?
Did you enjoy exploring the map freely or would you prefer a more guided experience?
How did you use Mehelle?
What was your first instinct when seeing Mehelle?
What kind of places would you like to explore on Mehelle?
What kind of media would you like to see more of on Mehelle?
How old are you?
Did the site load fast enough?
What was your favorite thing you discovered on Mehelle?
Did you find the interactive map easy to use? If not, what about it was difficult?
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