HackATL 2020- Originality Check In
Hello Everyone! The HackATL team is so excited to hear all your ideas, but before we get to the Preliminary Round we would like you all to submit this originality form. Please refer to this sheet for an overview of what the originality form consists of https://tinyurl.com/originalityform.

THIS FORM should be submitted by 8 PM ET on Saturday, October 2nd. Approval and feedback will be sent out on a rolling basis starting at 5 PM ET on October 2nd. When you are sent your approval, you will receive an official team number that must be used when submitting the presentation. If you receive an email with concerns about originality, you must send a follow-up email by 9 PM ET on October 2nd with improvements.

If you have any questions please ask on the Slack channel or email contact@eevm.org.
Team Name (try to not change this name in between now and prelim round) *
We acknowledge that the Prelim Round occurs from 10 AM - 1 PM EST and our team will be present during the time slot we signed up for. We also acknowledge that if we were to make it to the final round, we understand that it occurs from 2- 4 PM EST and we will be present during that time. *
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