Common Ground Participant Releases
Participant Releases
Participant Releases must be completed by both participants for each interview. The interview will only be used by Common Ground in the manner(s) to which both partners have agreed and granted permission.

This form will collect permission from both the interviewer and the person being interviewed.
Interview Information
Name of Interviewer
Name of Person Being Interviewed
Date of Interview
Location of Interview (City, State)
Permissions Granted
For both the Interviewer and the Person Being Interviewed, please read each statement below carefully. Check the box for each statement to grant permission to Common Ground to use your interview in the described manner.

If you do not wish to have your interviewed saved or distributed in any way, please check only the last box.
Person Being Interviewed
Identifiers to Be Used
Common Ground will sort and archive interview submissions using the tags you filled out on the Participant Information form. Please check each box to indicate which identifiers Common Ground has permission to use in distribution of your interview.
Person Being Interviewed
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