Special Education Remote Learning Survey
The Community Education Council is an organization of parent leaders dedicated to supporting the educational needs of District 3 families. The Special Education Committee of CEC D3 is conducting this survey to best understand the needs of our families during remote education. To learn more visit us at www.cec3.org
or contact Kristen Berger at kberger@cec3.org.

Information collected will NOT be sent to the DOE (Department of Education) nor will it serve as official correspondence with the DOE. If you wish to contact the DOE, they can be reached at specialeducation@schools.nyc.gov or 718-935-2007.
What school does your child currently attend?
Is your child receiving the support they need?
Clear selection
If yes, please tell us how these services are being received?
If no, please explain why.
How do you feel these remote services could be improved?
What resources do you feel would be helpful for you and your child at this time?
If you have an upcoming IEP meeting, do you feel you have received proper communication in preparing for this meeting?
Please share any other thoughts or concerns you feel would be helpful.
Thank you so much for your time! If you would like to be notified about future Special Education meetings for CEC District 3 provide your email here.
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