Lakes of Fire 2018 Low Income Ticket Application
Please answer all questions and double check for accuracy so we can be sure to find you!

Low income tickets are available for up to 50 attendees who meet the LIT criteria. The application will be available until 11:59pm EDT on April 30th, 2018.
• LIT price is 50% of a full price ticket, plus the service cost, for a total of $53.
• To be eligible, your annual income must be $25,000 or less.
• LIT participants must still receive a ticket through the regular ticket system.
• If you have not yet received a ticket, the Ticketing team will provide a discount code to use when your lottery number comes up. If you have already purchased your ticket, you’ll work with Ticketing to refund your current ticket and repurchase it at the discounted price. Ticketing will have more information about both of these processes after the application period.
• LIT ticket discounts are non-transferable.
• Once an application has been submitted, no changes may be made; any additional entries will be discarded without consideration.
• Your privacy is very important to us. Identifying information will be removed from the selection process to foster a neutral selection system.
• If you already qualify for a discounted Volunteer Appreciation ticket for 2018 you may not apply. The discount for Volunteer Appreciation is the same as LIT tickets.

If you have questions, please email

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Adjusted Gross Income can be found on line 37 of Form 1040; line 21 of 1040A; or line 4 on a 1040EZ (US tax forms). If you don't have an AGI from those forms/lines, please describe where you found your AGI in the followup question.
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