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If selected, do you agree with the following terms and agreements? #1: Be kind to each other. #2: Do not use offensive or violent language. #3: You are not obligated to participate in every task or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, please do not harass anyone else who does not want to participate. #4: Do not respond to negative reviews. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so we want to be respectful of that. #5: Do not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights. #6: Do not spam other team members or readers with your own work, commercial solicitations, or the work of another author. #7: Please do not post link bait, files containing viruses, or discriminatory or sexually explicit content. #8: If you choose to run a contest, please clear it with me first. Contests should be run fairly and ethically at all times. #9: Keep things positive and have fun! *I reserve the right to remove any member who does not follow these rules. In addition, non-active members will be removed periodically to be fair to active members and to keep the group safe from scammers and content pirates. *
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