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A Shiguto member exhibits great creative discipline, as well as an authentic interest in and history working with cyberpunk as a form of fiction and expression.
Currently, applications may take up to a week to process. Applications are voted on by current Shiguto members. To be accepted, at least 10 votes must be cast +50% in your favour.
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Please link at least 1 and up to 3 examples of your work per category that you checked. Roblox Studio projects should be provided as "public" places. At least one example provided must display obvious cyberpunk elements or influence. *
What interests you about the cyberpunk genre? Do you have any favorite cyberpunk themes or media (games, movies, books)? *
What would you like to contribute to Shiguto? Do you have any thoughts about the future direction of the group? Are there any specific activities or projects you would like to help organize within the group or the Discord community? *
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