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Hey there! I am SO excited that you're interested in being a part of our family! If you've found your way to this application, it must mean you're looking for more information on how to work with me. Here's a little bit about me:

I'm an out-of-state college student paying tuition all on my own, which means (you guessed it)–INSANE AMOUNTS OF STUDENT LOANS. To top it off, I was jobless and paying my rent/bills with my loans and the limited amount of money I made working previous jobs. I wasn't able to do anything for fun–at least not without feeling extremely guilty for it. But I didn't want stuck worrying that buying myself a coffee may break my bank account. I wanted to be better, to be motivated, to have purpose and to feel good about myself. So I took the chance on me, focusing on something I was passionate in–hair and skin care. I knew that by giving myself this chance, it would change my life in ways I couldn't even imagine. This has given me freedom to work from anywhere at anytime, gain incredibly supportive friends, and so much more! It can do the same for you, no matter where you are in life! ☺

I want you to think about a few things before you apply:
❃ Are you coachable?
❃ Are you willing to invest in yourself?
❃ Do you want freedom to live your life?
❃ Are you ready to completely change your life and have fun for a living?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this will be an amazing fit for you and I cannot wait to work and grow with you on this journey!

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What time (include time zone) and day is best for you to watch a 20-30 minute video breaking down the business and hearing our stories? (If you schedule a time and day I'm assuming you'll be ready and dedicated to showing up, so please DM me if you need to reschedule!) *
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