Revenue Machine Well Check
Answer the questions and we will provide you with a color-coded Heatmap outlining problem areas.
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Are your Sales Representatives consistently hitting their assigned quotas?
Do you have a documented sales process?
How often is the sales process followed?
Can your salespeople clearly communicate your Unique Selling Proposition and Competitive Differentiators?
Does your sales team role play?
Do you use a CRM? If so, which one?
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How does your company secure quality leads?
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Do you have a dashboard view into the major determinants of sales success?
Do you feel you have the right salespeople to get you where you want to go?
Do you use any sales professional assessment tools? If so, which ones?
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Does your organization hold salespeople accountable for lack of performance?
Do you have a database of all existing and prospective customers that fit into your target market(s)?
Do you have a well defined target market?
Vertical, industry, geography, client size...
Have you done a thorough competitive analysis to determine each of your competitor's strengths and limitations?
Are each of your sales territories separate and distinct (no overlap)?
Does your company have a "sales culture?"
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Are your sales metrics clearly defined and understood by the entire company?
Are your organization's compensation plan(s) bringing the desired results and behavior you seek?
Do your salespeople sign their annual compensation plan?
Do you have a defined budget to hire additional sales people as you continue to grow?
Do you have written job descriptions for each sales resource?
Do you have a good sales hiring process?
Do you currently have each sales resource's roles and responsibilities defined in writing?
Are an individual's job description and compensation defined and in writing at the time of an accepted offer?
Do you provide a written performance review? If so, how often?
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Describe the annual revenue goal setting process.
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How are quotas defined and assigned?
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