All Handmade Sale 2019 Application
Hello friends!

Thanks for your interest in participating in our fourteenth annual All Handmade Sale . We are looking forward to two days of celebrating everyone's creativity. As in the past we will be raising funds to support CLEAN Break, a community laundry program operated by Grandview Calvary Baptist Church.

Please feel free to forward this application to friends that might be interested in participating in this year's sale.

Friday, November 15th 7:30 PM ­ 9:30 PM
Saturday, November 16th, 11:00 AM ­ 5:00 PM

▪ Early Bird rate (application submitted by October 18th): $30 table fee + 10% of gross profits
▪ Regular rate (application submitted between October 19th – November 1st): $40 table fee + 10% of gross profits


1. All items sold must be made by YOU! We promote this sale as being all handmade, homemade, homegrown, and local.

2. The table fee goes towards advertising and general event costs. As the AHMS is also a fundraising event, all participating vendors are asked to donate 10% of their gross sales to support the chosen charity. Organizers or church council members will collect the table fee and the 10% at the end of the event.

3. Vendors are allowed to share a table (two vendors per table). However, both vendors must submit applications and must be approved. Any "surprise vendors" will be asked to take their merchandise down.

4. All vendors are expected to participate in one of three duties to help run this event :
i) advertising: putting up or distributing flyers,
ii) set up,
iii) take down.

5. Vendors are expected to sell on both Friday and Saturday.

6. Vendors can set up at 6: PM on Friday and are expected to be ready for opening at 7:30 PM.

7. After the doors close on Friday evening, vendors have the choice of covering their goods on their table with a cloth, or packing up their goods into a box and storing them in a locked room overnight.

8. Vendors are expected to not take down their table until 5:00 PM on Saturday.

Once applications have been processed, we will send out information packs to help you get ready for this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Happy Creating!
All Handmade Sale Coordinator
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