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Dear Employer,
Your employee is an applicant for Project CENTRL Class XXVII. To be considered for this honor, candidates must receive advanced approval from their employer.

An impressive and growing legacy of leadership and public service demonstrated by over 600 Project CENTRL Alumni has clearly demonstrated the added value gained from the leadership program. The following are among the many professional benefits the CENTRL experience will contribute to the workplace:

Understand all sides of an issue and work collaboratively to resolve conflicts among diverse audiences;

Draw from a network of contacts and resources at the local, regional, state, national and international level;

Facilitate communication, build consensus, and resolve conflicts among diverse audiences; and,

Become more aware of emerging challenges facing Arizona and become more effective in finding solutions.

Attendance is mandatory at all seminars and crucial to the success of the educational experience. Employers must give their approval for an employee to be away from his/her workplace to attend scheduled Project CENTRL seminars over a one-year period. Seven state seminars are held from Thursday evening through Saturday at different Arizona locations. The CENTRL experience also includes a five-day international study tour in Mexico and a six-day national seminar held in Washington D. C.

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