Find the Mode of a Piece of Music Quiz
This is the Find the Mode Quiz that you will submit with your International Harp Therapy Program application.

Below are six examples of assorted music. To enlarge the piece of music, simply right-mouse click, and open the image in another tab on your browser.

Upon submission, your quiz is scored immediately and you can view your results in your browser window.

At this point, you can save a PDF copy of your quiz to your desktop before you close the browser window - right-mouse click on the document, and save as a PDF to your desktop.

An unscored copy of your quiz will be immediately sent to your email inbox. You will receive a scored copy of your Quiz in your email inbox within 1-2 days.

Once your have a PDF copy of the quiz, you can upload it to your account, and your mentor (or IHTP administrator if you are a prep student) will be notified by email that it is available to them.

You may find a copy of this useful during the Quiz:

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