Application Form 2019
Before starting your application, please read this:
Each application received during the open period (January 7 through January 20) will be put into a bucket. Priority will be given to (1) alumni and then (2) applicants who were waitlisted previously; equal consideration will be given to (3) new applicants.

I will contact all applicants by Friday, January 25. Do not submit a deposit until you have received a PDF invoice from me.

During the open application period, you are NOT applying for a specific trip. Instead, you will indicate to me your interest in all scheduled trip types, locations, and dates. Then, I will try to assign you to a first-choice trip with other like-abled applicants.

To maximize your odds of being offered a spot on a first-choice trip, please show interest in all the trip types, dates, and locations that can work for you.

If you are with a group of 2+, each group member must submit an application.

In long-answer questions, please do not add line breaks, i.e. do not write in paragraph form. Use symbols (e.g. * > |) to separate list items. And, in general, please be succinct.

Finally, please pay the Application Fee before or after you submit the Application Form. Your application will not be considered until the fee is paid.

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