Inglês Intermediário-Avançado (B2)
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1) What _______ at seven o’ clock last night? I tried to ring you, but there was no reply. *
2) They _________ a new restaurant in the centre of town last year. *
3) Is John _____________ to Italy this year? *
4) Where’s Jack? He________________to the bar. He’ll be back soon. *
5) My wife ___________ in Sweden for four months. She’s liking it a lot. *
6) Please drive more ________. I’m scared *
7) Students ______________ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules. *
8) I’d love to __________ speak better German. I’ve been studying the language for 10 years now. *
9) Helen told me she ________ to Paris the following weekend. *
10) Do you __________ get to work early every morning? *
11) I don’t go running, but I ____________ yoga once a week. *
12) That horror film is __________ ! Don’t watch it late at night. *
13) We should stop at the petrol _________ on our way to the grocery. *
14) I worked at the art company for four months and got lots of useful ___________. *
15) If you walk down that _________, youl’ll come to the river. *
16) If you want to complain, you should speak to the _________. *
17) I wanted to buy tickets for the Coldplay concert, but they’ve sold _______. *
18) There are lots of _________ in the shop today. Everything is half- price. *
19) I’ve put on so much weight during my vacation. My pants are very tight. I need to start making _________ meals. *
20) Marcus _____________ because he stole money from the office. *
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