Authorization for JBCC Access Card Renewal 2018 Season
If you have PREVIOUSLY BEEN APPROVED AND RECEIVED a Joint Base Cape Cod Access Card (JBCC), please complete the form below. Once you have been approved and your card reissued, Cape Cod BMX will mail it to you.

In order to comply with Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) regulations, and gain access to the Cape Cod BMX Track, all adults must provide the following information. This will be used by the Joint Oversight Group (JOG) to do a background check and reissue a photo JBCC Access Card.

Access Control Denial and Revocation Criteria

Access control is subject to be revoked if a person is found to be defined under the following criteria or at the request of a JBCC JOG member:

A. Is listed on the National Terrorist Watch List

B. Is not a U.S. Citizen and is illegally present in the U.S. or whose U.S. Citizenship, immigration status, or Social Security Number cannot be verified.

C. Is subject to an outstanding criminal warrant of any type.

D. Whose business pass application contains false or fraudulent information.

E. Has a felony conviction within the last 2 years.

F. Is a registered sex offender regardless of the date of the criminal offense.

G. Has obtained a felony conviction for the following types of criminal offenses:
Offenses of a sexual nature – Offenses of violence – Offenses related to gang activity, supremacist, or extremist behavior – Crimes resulting from the possession, use, manufacture, introduction or distribution of any illegal drug listed in the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Act of 1970, schedules I through V.

H. Whose military service was terminated by the receipt of an other than honorable discharge or bad conduct discharge.

I. Has been issued a debarment order and is currently banned from military installations.

J. Has exhibited characteristics, traits or other indications that cause concern for the health, safety or welfare of personnel and/or residents aboard the base; or that cause concern for the physical security or environment of the base.


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