2019 Musketaquid Earth Month Exhibit Registration
Embracing DIVERSITY in a Climate of Change
Natural biological diversity gives us the colors of fall foliage, the meadow filled with wildflowers,
the tapestry of greens on a spring hillside, and resilience in the face of climate change. Social,
cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, and gender plurality enrich our world experience with a
flowering of music, food, dance, literature, spirituality, ethical awareness, and point of view.
Intellectual and political diversity provide new ideas and approaches to deal with an uncertain and
threatening future. All types make the world more beautiful and interesting. -

But climate change, invasive species, rampant economic development, political polarization,
environmental-, immigration-, and tax policies, reactionary and short-sighted actions, internet
mobs, as well as income and class segregation threaten diversity.

How can we as artists respond: Portray the richness and beauty of our existing natural and
cultural environment? Memorialize lost species, habitats, and voices? Highlight current threats?
Portray a dystopian future devoid of diversity, or a utopian future where diversity thrives? Express
your response in any artistic medium: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, multi-media, poetry,
song, photography, dance, or performance.

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