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Global design and innovation firm IDEO is designing the experience of taking a narcolepsy medication.

We are working with a pharmaceutical company to re-think and re-design the experience of taking a narcolepsy medication. As part of our research process we'd like to meet a variety of people with narcolepsy to better understand their lives, routines, needs, and hopes. We'd like to meet with those who have had narcolepsy for a long time and those who were recently diagnosed, those who take their medication regularly and those who do not, those who use alternative therapies and those who use only medications, as well as those who live alone and those who live with others. If you find yourself somewhere on these spectrums we'd love to hear your thoughts.

We'll be doing 1.5 hour in-person interviews with people who have narcolepsy in or near the San Francisco Bay Area during the week of January 27 through January 29, 2020. Interviews will take place in-home, or another location where you feel comfortable. Compensation for the interview is $188.

If you're interested in participating in research, please fill out this application to participate!

The following is an application to participate in in-person research. All health and personal information you give us will be kept PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL and shared only with our design research team. Your information will NOT be used for marketing or advertising purposes, it will never be shared outside of IDEO and your privacy will be strictly protected. IDEO is a HIPAA-compliant company and we take your privacy and well-being seriously.

This data is shared directly with IDEO only but will be stored on our systems using the cloud. You have the right to edit or delete your responses at any time in the future. To do so, please email or There is no compensation for filling out this survey. Completing the survey does not guarantee you will be selected to participate.

If you have a question or concern before filling out this survey, please email us here for a response within 1 day.

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