LEEP Academy Family Survey: Possible School Closure
Dear LEEP Dual Language Academy families,

We continue to closely monitor the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, we are NOT aware of any affected members of our school community, and we have NOT been directed to close the school.

However, like all schools, LEEP Academy is taking steps to plan for the possibility of a school closure that could last days or weeks.

In order to help us prepare, please complete this brief survey about the resources and needs in your household. (This survey should be completed once per household, so please disregard this message if someone in your home has already completed it.)
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Name(s) of your child(ren) at LEEP Academy: *
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1. If the school were to be closed for an extended period (for example, two weeks), do you know how your child(ren) would be cared for? *
2. If you know where your child(ren) would be cared for, how many *other* children under 18 would be in the same location? *
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3. If the school were to be closed, do you know how you would provide enough food for your child(ren)? *
4. Which technology resources will likely be available to your child(ren), at home or wherever childcare will occur? Please check all that apply. *
5. Do you have access to the Class Tag app? *
6. We have your contact information on file, but we want to confirm. What is the best phone number to reach you? *
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7. And what is your current residential address? *
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