350 Action 2018 Candidate Questionnaire
Are you a climate champion running for elected office who's interested in a 350 Action endorsement? First, make sure you've read our endorsement criteria: https://350action.org/endorsement-platform/

Then, please fill out this questionnaire, and we’ll circle back to you about our endorsement process in the coming days.

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What office are you running for, and as which party? *
(e.g. "Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland" or "Independent running for Congress, PA-11")
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Policy Positions
Do you support a swift transition to 100% renewable energy, like wind and solar? *
Please say more about what you’d do if elected to bring about a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all of us.
(For example: publicly funded renewable energy projects, a 100% renewable electricity standard for utilities, electric vehicle incentives, a schedule for decommissioning fossil fuel power plants, etc.)
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Do you support a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure, like pipelines and fracked gas power plants? *
Please say more about what you’d do if elected to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and keep fossil fuels in the ground.
(For example: blocking pipeline permits, a fracking ban, divesting pension funds form fossil fuels, strengthening tribal consultation, blocking fossil fuel exploration, etc.)
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Do you support a just and equitable transition to a fossil free economy that works for all of us? *
Please say more about what you’d do if elected to ensure a just and equitable transition. We’re interested in climate policies that seek to remedy existing environmental and social injustices.
(For example: renewable energy and public transit in underserved communities, project labor agreements with local unions to build renewables, community-owned renewables, a federal job guarantee for former fossil fuel industry employees, reparations for communities most impacted by fossil fuel pollution, etc.)
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Do you support investigating fossil fuel companies based on reporting that shows that fossil fuel executives have buried and spread disinformation about climate science? *
(For more context: InsideClimate News has done detailed investigative reporting showing that Exxon and other companies understood the risks of climate change 50+ years ago and suppressed the research instead of taking action. Investigations into Exxon have launched in New York, Massachusetts, and more.)
Please say more about what you’d do if elected to investigate the role of fossil fuel executives in burying climate science.
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Running a Progressive Campaign
Do you pledge not to accept any contributions from the fossil fuel industry, as defined by the "No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge"? *
More information about the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: http://nofossilfuelmoney.org/
Do you support fossil fuel divestment campaigns in your state and around the world? *
Have you participated in any major climate mobilizations, marches, direct actions, or sit-ins in the past year?
If so, please list them and note how you participated.
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What’s your relationship with leading climate activists in your state/district?
This can include local 350 groups, Sierra Club chapters, pipeline fighters, fracktivists, divestment campaigns, or local environmental justice organizations.
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Please share an example of how you like to talk about the intersection of climate and other social justice issues on the campaign trail.
(examples: climate and immigration, climate and racial justice, climate and income inequality, etc)
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Would you be interested in doing a Facebook live event with 350 Action staff and local leaders?
Are you willing to join us at climate movement actions to speak out against the fossil fuel industry and/or the Trump Administration once you are in office?
Demographics and Identity
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If you’d like, tell us more about your identity in your own words.
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Additional follow-up
Who on your staff can we follow up with about clarifying answers on this questionnaire, scheduling a candidate interview, or setting up events with 350 local groups?
Please include name, email, and phone number for one or more staff members.
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Our goal is to endorse “climate progressives” who are strong on climate and share our progressive vision on other issues too. Please list other progressive endorsements your campaign has received so far.
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