Mystery Metaguard Gift Exchange!
It is now TOO LATE to sign up for the #MysteryMetaguard gift exchange! Assignments have already gone out! If you are looking for the rules, here they are:


This is a non-denominational areligious winter / New Year's gift exchange for Metaguards and the people they have adopted. If you don't celebrate Christmas / don't do Christmas gifts, that's awesome, neither do I, but we can still send each other nondenominational Metaguardian gifts to show our anonymous love for one another!

1. Please try to limit your gift in the $1-5 USD range (or $5-10 USD including shipping). I'd rather more people get to send (and receive) very small gifts than anyone feel uncomfortable with price ranges and reciprocity. (If you're not sure how much that is in your local currency - I'm using USD because we have many Americans, unlike myself, and most online shopping places measure in USD. You can do a quick "USD to [my currency]" search on Google to see a rough estimate of what $1, $5, or $10 translates to.)

2. If you are filling out this form, you are committing to sending a gift to the person you are assigned.

3. You are also accepting that despite everyone's commitment, life happens, and things get lost in the post, and who knows what else can go wrong, so you may not end up receiving something despite everyone's best efforts and intentions. You will be okay with that!

4. Read the information that I / my partner(s) in crime send you regarding your assigned person. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PEOPLE FOOD THAT THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONSUME - CHECK THE INFORMATION REGARDING ACCEPTABILITY OF FOOD.

5. If you are a creative person and want to make an art or a writing that is absolutely a valid substitute for purchasing something in the $1-5/$5-10 range. (That said, I recognize that your art is honestly probably worth way more than that, so it's up to you whether you want to spend the money or spend your time and send someone a more valuable artwork. Your own artwork/creation is the only valid reason to go above the $10-in-value upper limit.)

6. It is called MYSTERY Metaguard - please do not reveal your identity to the person you have been assigned to until either they receive your package (which can have your return address and/or a note from you) or until New Year's, whichever comes first. The person you have been assigned is not the person assigned to send you something. You do not know who has been assigned to send you something. Please do not attempt to find out.

7. Your only obligation is to send that one package to your Mystery Metaguard. You are, however, welcome to enhance the sense of mystery and fun by having anonymous messages of positivity passed to that person through a third party. I for one volunteer to help out in this capacity.

8. You will receive the address of your Mystery Metaguard in order to send that person a package. Please use this information responsibly and do not share it out without the permission of the person in question (which obviously cannot be granted until after you've revealed your identity).

9. When you receive your package, please share a photo / let your Mystery Metaguard know that you received it!
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